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Selected Students for Admission to Class XI 2017


Result of Class 11 Entrance Exam 2017

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Result of Class 1 Entrance Exam 2017

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Change in School Uniform

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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." — St. Mary’s High School

Our Anthem

The Bell’s of St. Mary’s

The Bell’s Of St. Mary’s 
Ring out far and wide 
They chime make our childhood 
So happy and bright

They welcome us children 
To work and to play 
They call us to duty 
They call us to pray


O Bells of St. Mary’s 
We hear you repeating 
The dear song of gladness, 
Of sweet memories

You tell us of striving 
Of frank and fair dealing 
You sing to us of 
Truth and love and victory.

In the school of St. Mary’s 
How happy we are 
We help one another 
Life’s duty to see;

In the church of St. Mary’s 
We find strength and light 
To fight the good fight 
And to do what is right

O Bells of St. mary’s……………………..